On my first day working at Disney World I went into the bathroom and accidentally smacked right into Snow White, and she went “Oh fuck!” and almost dropped her Red Bull and that was the beginning of the best job I’ve ever had.

On my first day I was walking and ran into Ariel drinking Starbucks and she said “What’s up bitches”

I want to work at Disney

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my moms bf said I wasn’t allowed to go on tumblr on his computer bc he didn’t trust that site lol

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why do people think I’m rich or have a fun life or am super happy I think it’s so funny how I could betray that kind of person but I’m not at all


y dnt cute boys text me latee at night???????? ://

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The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.
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Mitsuo Katsui
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Classic coca